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Filter017® x Poler® - D.B.D 跨國戶外聯乘企劃正式發表

Filter017® x Poler® - D.B.D 跨國戶外聯乘企劃正式發表

台灣跨領域設計單位/品牌 Filter017® ( @filter017 ) 與美國波特蘭知名戶外品牌 Poler® ( @poler_taiwan ) ,以虛擬秘密組織「D.B.D」(Day before Doomsday) 為創意概念,透過「LIVE EVERYDAY AS IF IT WERE YOUR LAST DAY」為訴求標語,正式推出跨國聯名風格戶外系列單品。 藉此在當今末日氛圍濃厚的環境變遷與後疫情時代下,期望為嚮往與珍惜戶外生活的人們帶來些許激勵與反思。

此次聯名單品與概念由 Filter017 ®主導設計操刀,提取 Poler ®純正美式戶外休閒的品牌 DNA,透過 Filter017® 向來擅長擷取與混合型態的創意手法,將兩個單位的品牌經典的元素加以揉合,單品類型以戶外生活為導向,包含服飾及配件、戶外與露營道具周邊單品。 企劃將以跨季度波段性陸續發表,內容與細節相當豐富,敬請持續關注後續相關訊息。

Taiwan cross-disciplinary design unit/brand Filter017® and the well-known outdoor brand Poler® in Portland, USA, take the virtual secret organization "D.B.D" (Day before Doomsday) as the creative concept through "LIVE EVERYDAY AS IF IT WERE YOUR LAST DAY" as the slogan, will soon officially launch a cross-border joint outdoor series of products.

In this way, we hope to bring some inspiration and reflection to people who yearn for and cherish outdoor life in today's apocalyptic environment and the post-epidemic situation.

This joint project will be published in nearly, and the content, and details are Expectable . Please continue to pay attention to the follow-up-related information.

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